Hůrka 68, 382 26 Horní Planá GPS 48.7500414N, 14.0755819E
+420 728 669 967, +420 728 957 082
Selfservice bar

In the bar, guests can tap Strakonice beer at any time – Král Šumava or Italian Prosecco. In the wine fridge, they can choose a bottle of wine from the Moravian winery Kubík. They can take meat for the grill or something small to eat from the fridge behinde bar. They keep records of their spending on their own account and at the end of their stay they pay everything at the bar on the payment terminal (payment by card) or in their room into the cash register (payment in cash). Of course, it is also possible to pay by card on an ongoing basis. We set prices that are truly popular and we believe that our guests will repay us with their honesty.

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    +420 728 669 967
    +420 728 957 082
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