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Leisure activities
Get inspired activities that you can undertake in the vicinity of our house.

Adventure Park

Adventure park with a lot of interesting activities.
Distance: 3km
Website: www.adventurepark.cz

Aquapark Frymburk

A part of Wellness Hotel Frymburk is a spacious aquapark spanning an area of approximately 1500 m2, attractive both for adults and children.
Distance: 14km
Website: www.hotelfrymburk.cz/aquapark

Cesky Krumlov

Twisted streets, romantic hideouts and uniqe complex of city houses with amazing background of the castle above the river Vltava, extraordinary exhibitiones of worldknown artists, concerts, music festivals, theaters, pubs, cafes and even medieval inns, diverse mix of tourists from all over the world, all this means Cesky Krumlov – small, yet cosmopolitan city with uniqe atmosphere, surrounded by unspoiled, beautiful nature. Since 1992, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Distance: 24km
Website: www.ckrumlov.info


Right next our guesthouse there is tarmac bicycle path towards a beach and Horni Plana ferry (cca 6km). Recently, it became possible to continue directly from this place acros Hory to Nova Pec. Thanks to the location of inside Sumava National park and short proximity to Boletice military zone, the ride is through virgin nature with beautiful lake and lots of charming panoramatic views.
Distance: 10m
Website: www.lipnocentrum.cz/cs/rodinna-cyklotrasy.html

Golf Club Cesky Krumlov

Golf Club also for amateur players.
Distance: 31km
Website: www.golfck.cz

Hopsarium Lipno

Hopsarium Lipno is located in Aquaworld building in Lipno nad Vltavou. It’s open entire year, during season from 10am until 7pm. Hopsarium is meant for kids to play with their parents.
Distance: 19km
Website: www.lipno.hopsarium.cz

Kudy z nudy

Under the name “Kudy z nudy” you will find a project of the CzechTourism, whose goal is support of the domestic tourism. “Kudy z nudy” shows complex offer for any traveler.
Distance: 0km
Website: www.kudyznudy.cz

Lipno Line

Rosenberger Lipno-Line welcomes you on lake Lipno. With our fleet you’ll experience “southbohemian sea” from a new perspective. Come and on board of one of our two ships ADALBERT STIFTER and VLTAVA enjoy peace and strenght radiating from Lipno with surrounding Sumava nature.
Distance: 3km
Website: www.lipno-line.com


250 m track with tarmac surface, 5 go karts (top speed 50 km/h). On a road from Horni Plana to Hodnov.
Distance: 7km
Website: www.motokary.lipensko.org

Sports Equipment Rental

Be pampered and borrow quality sport equipment with professional instruction!
Distance: 3km
Website: www.alzarent.cz

Ski resort Hochficht

The largest ski resort in Austria outside the Alps.
Distance: 36,7 km/20 km (by ferry)
Website: www.hochficht.cz

Treetops Trail

The first treetops trail in Czech republic offers uniqe kombination of experiences to the visitors.
Distance: 22km
Website: www.stezkakorunamistromu.cz

Castle Hluboka

If you go more or less eleven kilometers north from Ceske Budejovice you’ll see one of the most often visited tourist destinations – castle Hluboka.
Distance: 57km
Website: www.zamek-hluboka

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